DVKit - An IDE for Design Verification Engineers

Design Verification (DV) engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining a myriad of files in a myriad of HVL, software, and script languages. A typical project might use PERL scripts at the top level, Makefiles beneath, to control a verification environment composed of SystemVerilog and C/C++ code. Meanwhile, tool scripts might be implemented in TCL.


DVKit provides an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) with support for editing common files used in a design verification environment. DVKit packages the following Eclipse plugins to provide a easily-installed solution for design verification development:

  • SVEditor for Verilog and SystemVerilog development
  • C Development Tools (CDT) for C, C++, and Makefile development
  • Webtools for development of XML and JavaScript
  • Dynamic-Languages Toolkit for TCL-script development
  • ShellEd for development and Bourne and C-Shell scripts

In addition, the following utilities are provided:

  • Vi key bindings (Vrapper)
  • Command-line console (Linux-only)

Installing DVKit

DVKit can be installed by downloading one of the prebuilt packages. Pre-built packages are currently provided in the following formats for the following operating systems:

  • 32-bit Windows installer
  • 64-bit Windows installer
  • 32-bit Windows (.zip)
  • 64-bit Windows (.zip)
  • 32-bit Linux (.deb)
  • 64-bit Linux (.deb)
  • 32-bit Linux tar.gz
  • 64-bit Linux tar.gz

All packages can be obtained from the Files area on the DVKit Sourceforge project: Files

Contributing to DVKit

Currently DVKit is a collection of unmodified Eclipse plug-ins.

  • Request inclusion of your favorite Eclipse plug-in
  • File bugs with the build

In the future, DVKit aspires to provide DV-specific extensions to language-editing plug-ins. Please request such extension, such as:

  • Content assist in the shell-script editor for common EDA tool commands
  • Content assist in the TCL editor for common EDA script commands

DVKit is looking for Java- and Eclipse-savy developers. If you're interesting in collaborating, contact us!